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SEAHF TRACK 6: IT, Smart Marketing, Management and Tourism

Session   III 

by  Ayodele  A. Otaiku,  ARATIBIOTECH  Limited, Nigeria.

Natural Resource Management – Pollution Technology & Management Training
PC3R Technology:  Pollution Construct Remediation, Restoration and Reuse

Session III:  Class Room  and Practical   with video  (see attached).

  1. Foundation
  2. Professional One
  3. Professional Two


Training Materials for the Programme PC3R on Registration                  

  1. Course Programme Materials
  2. Course Training Materials
  3. Certificate
  4. Refreshment and Launch for Participants.
  5. T-Shirt and Cap inside bag
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Practical class.


Course Registration Benefits                 

Early Bird   registration for the first 100 Participants will have five percent discount for any course session.


Invited Participants                     

  1. Extractive Industry: Hydrocarbon Industry, Oil and gas industry, Sold Minerals, Mining
    2. Military Establishments: Defence Consulting & Contracting, Defence Leaders, Landmines and Conflicts Zone Reclamations, Munitions’ Wastes Management
    3. Regulatory agencies: Environmental Pollution Agencies, Urban and Climate Mitigation Advocacy, Policy Analytics, Government Establishments, Sustainable development
    4. Academics: Researchers, Students and Products developers
    5. Environmental Managers: Development and Facility Managers, Solid Waste Management


  1. All Participants must register before event, so has to prepare training materials ahead of the event.
    2. Participants evaluation at the end of the training.
    3. Distinguished Participants becomes members of PC3R Innovation ecosystem specialist.