SEAHF TRACK 6 –  IT, Smart Marketing, Management and Tourism
Short Course Schedule – Jan., 20-23, 2019
Duration : Three Days
Natural Resource Management:  Pollution Technology &  Management Training
PC3R Technology: Pollution Construct Remediation, Restoration and Reuse
Professional Certificate Award
N/S Duration Course Code BIORESTORE PC3R TECHNOLOGY® COURSES OUTLINE Module Course Session Course Session Hours Costs
Day 1 PC3R 01 Introduction to Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Operations / Air Tractor Foundational Foundation Six $200
PC3R 02 Fundamentals of Oil Spill
PC3R 03 Environmental Impact Evaluation Professional One Professional One Eight $200
Day 2 PC3R 04 Health, Safety and Environment
PC3R 05 Contingency Planning & Operations Management
PC3R 07 Ecological Restoration & Ecosystem Management
PC3R 08 Community Emergency Service and Entrepreneurship
Day 3 PC3R 09 Information and Communication Management Professional Two Professional  Two Eight $200
PC3R 010 Environmental Conflicts Management
Practicals PC3R 06 Methods/Techniques of Oil Spill Management and Environmental Remediation Practical Cources
Munitions Biodegradation and Response: $200
Innovations in Bioremediation Technologie
Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)
Innovative Biological Approaches to Pollution Prevention and Waste Management
Training Materials for the Programme PC3R on Registration
1 Course Programme Materials
2 Course Training Materials
3 Certificates
4 Refreshment and Launch for Participants .
5 T-Shirt and Cap inside Bag
6 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Practical Class
Course Registration Benefits
Early Bird registration for the first  50  Participants course session (see costs)
Invited Participants
1 Extractive Industry
Hydrocarbon Industry, Oil and gas industry
Sold Minerals
2 Military Esatablishment
Defence Consulting & Contracting
Defence  Leaders
Landmines and Conflicts Zone Recliamation
Munition Wastes Management
3 Regulatory agencies
Environmental Pollution Agencies
Urban and Climate Mitigation Advocacy
Policy Analytics
Government Esatablishments
Sustainable development
4 Academics
Researchers, Students and Products developers
5 Environmental  Practionals and Managers
Devlopment and Facility Managers
Soild Waste Management
1 All Participants must register before event, so has to prepare training materials ahead of the event.
2 Participants evaluation at the end of the training.
3 Distinguished Participants becomes members of PC3R Innovation ecosystem specialist.