Training: Remediation and Post Remediation (Course outline)

Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Summary of course content modules
001-  Introduction to Environmental Issues in Oil and Gas Operations

002 – Fundamentals of Oil Spill

003 – Environmental Impact Evaluation

004 – Health, Safety and Environment

005 – Contingency Planning & Operations Management

006 – Methods /Techniques of Oil Spill Management and Environmental Remediation on Rivers, Swamps, Lakes, shorelines and Land

007 – Ecological Restoration & Ecosystem Management

008 – Community Emergency Service and Entrepreneurship

009 – Information  and Communication Management

010 – Environmental Conflicts Management.




Training Programme:     Duration:

Classroom (Total Subjects)    = Seven – day(s)

Practical (Total Subjects)       = Three – day(s)

Totals Courses (101)   = Ten    – day(s)

Proposed length (4 or 8 hours)  per course module (001-010)

OSMERT trainng session , May5 -17, 2014, Ondo state, Nigeria

Farmers Field School (FFS) Programme

Farmer field research is an art as much as a science because it implies a process which is creative and holistic as well as analytic and diagnostic. It requires a discovering attitude as well as the scientific methods necessary to obtain unambiguous results. These two attributes of farmer field research are equally important. It has been argued that training farmers on experimental techniques enhance their skills and intuition necessary to interact with a complex environment; it causes farmers’ own research to resemble formal research and see Figure 1 below. Agricultural Produce Training: Farmers field schools.

  1. Root and Tubers
    ii. Grain legumes
    iii. Fruits, Pasture, Grasses and Legumes
    iv. Fibre crops
    v. Fats & oils seeds
    vi. Cereals
    vii. Tree crops
    viii. Vegetables (Apple, grapes etcs)
    viii. Livestock’s & Fisheries.

Model of Farmers Field School in Minna, 2011 for 100 farmers by ARATIBIOTECH Limited

Model of Farmers Field School in Minna, 2012 for 100  farmers by ARATIBIOTECH  Limited.

Training Oil Spill Remediation and environmental Management (OSMERT)

 Hydrocarbon Restoration of Environmental Pollution Programme



Air Tractor AT802   for hydrocarbon pollution on water ecosystems in Nigeria

Aviation Technology   : Air Tractor  for Pollution Control

ARATI   PC3R Aviation ®
The AT-802  Air Tractor will be adapted for pollution control, remediation and post remediation restoration ecology .Our patented biodegradation materials for hydrocarbon clean-up will deployed using AT-802 Air Tractor on land degradation sites globally.

AG-AVIATION support services, is an Aerial application Company with ample experience in crop seeds nutrition, operations in pest control and general aerial application services that support fertilizer application, pesticides, herbicides, rodents, birds control, fire fighting, oil spill pollution and control. Our crop seed application and other back-stop services coincides to improve crop yields by an upwards of 25-30 % per hectare. In less than 5 SECONDS PER HECTARE, our Air Tractor (AT 802) has the ability to eradicate any pest in any crop, control fire outbreak, fertilize the ground and seed rice from the air in the most efficient, accurate and accountable way.

  • Our core business area covers;
  • Crop Spray Services
  • Environmental Pollution Control
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Qelea bird control
  • Air Tractor Sales and services support
  • Ag-Pilots Training

Air Tractor is world’s largest Agric Air plane manufacturers based in Texas USA. AG-AVIATION AFRICA is the sole representative and exclusive operators in Africa and Sub Saharan.

The following points are to be noted:

  1. Pressure for higher yields will continue
  2. Producing more food on less land will continue
  • Ever expanding Nigeria population will continue
  1. Demands on food production will continue
  2. Demand for job creation will also continue

11.0   Engineering: Design and Consulting

Services On Buildings, Roads and Industrial Projects
In the following areas.

  1. A) Structural Engineering
  1. Residential, commercial, industrial, hospitals, banks and office building
  2. Elevated Water Tanks
  3. Structural Steel Structures (on shore and offshore)
  4. Planning, design and construction of cell sites.
  1. B) Civil Engineering
  1. Roads
  2. Drainages (flood and erosion control)

The firm comprise of well-groomed engineers with established proficiency in their chosen field of specialty with many years of practicing in Nigeria. We undertake a full range of engineering services encompassing;

  1. Stage 1- Conceptualization/ preliminary design
  2. Stage 2 – Design
  3. Stage 3 – Supervision& construction

It also include industrial profile, pre-investment proposals, feasibility studies, estimates – bill of quantities/materials, project analysis and appraisals, project management, preparation of contract documents, evaluation of tenders, and commissioning of all types of contract scheme.  Our professional assets include the use of computer to scrutinize and design complex engineering problems connected with building and industrial project.  Our customers services extend and are not limited to government institutions (universities, polytechnics, ministries and parastatals  etc), but also to hospitals, banks, industries, hotels, office complex and housing estates.

Human Resource

Table 1 . Showing Aratibiotech Limited  human resource

Name Mobile Phone


Prof.  B.A. Oso PhD (London)


Patent owner for OBD-Plus® Technology (Environment Biotechnology). 38 years of Formerly Teaching and Microbiology and Botany Research, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Prof. Victor Olowe 08033928111 Plant Nutrition Specialist
Department of Plant physiology & Protection
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
Prof. G.O . Adeoye 08023422759 Organic agriculture specialist

Department of Agriculture

University of Ibadan

Prof. Samuel Arokuyo 08033412733 Climatic and Regional Planning

Department of Geography & Environmental Management, University of Port Harcourt

Prof. F. E. Babatunde 08022627686


Department of Agronomy

College of Agriculture

Osun State University

Dr. A.A.Soretire Soil microbiologist
Dr. (Mrs). A. A. Oketola Ph.D (Ibadan)

+234 08024995515

Environmental/Analytical Chemist
Dr. (Mrs) .O. A. Fashae Ph.D (Ibadan) Geographic Information Systems.


Dr. Olumide Onafeso Ph.D Climatology Climatology/Meteorology and Air Quality Studies; Climate Change/Physical Processes Modelling
Adewale J. Adeyemi Msc. (UST,PH)
+234 0803 720 3989
HSE Manager:
Environmental, Quality,
Health & Safety Specialist


Engr. O.F. Adekanye COREN  12,589 Design & Structural Engineer
Engr. A.H. Raji COREN  15,981 Design & Structural Engineer
Engr. Wale Rasaq HND, London City & guide Electrical & Mechanical  Engineer
Engr. Uche Odozor BSc.


AG-Air Tractor Specialist

South Africa

Ayodele A. Otaiku

Managing Director
Aratibiotech Limited

Msc, Ph.D (in-view, Uniport)


+234 0803 3721 219

0807 8603 471

Land Degradation/Restoration Ecologist.
Soil nutrient fertility  and management
Eco-innovation specialist
Engr Sola Alabi


Aratibiotech Limited



35 years Oil & gas industry , Nigeria

Management innovation – Management innovation is anything that substantially alters the way in which the work of management is carried out, or significantly modified customary organizational forms, and, by so doing, advances organizational goals. Put, simply, management innovation changes the way managers do what they do, and does so in a way that enhances organizational performance.

ARATI JOB CORP value chain for Job Creation in Agriculture