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OBD-Plus® Technology   (Agriculture and Environmental   Biotechnology)

This is a powdery material produced from Plants extract and impregnated with special strains of micro-organisms capable of breaking down organic matter and biodegrading crude oil and various types of hydrocarbons fast. This material, which was Patented in Professor B. A. Oso’s name as OBD-Plus® (Oso Biodegrader-Plus) does the following, among others:

  1. Bioremediates oil polluted soil at a fast rate;
  2. Biodegrades oil pollutants on water;
  3. Breaks down urban refuse into nutrient rich organic fertilizer within four weeks;
  4. Drill cutting wastes management;
  5. Purifies sewage into clean water; and
  6. Purifies industrial effluents into clean water.


Prof. B.A. Oso and Ayodele Otaiku  at an exhibition of OBD-Plus® Technology at the 8th Offshore West Africa  Conference, Hilton, Abuja, 2004.


OBD-Plus Technology was used to benchmark the Nigerian Content Development at Offshore West Africa  Conference in Abuja, 2004  by PTDF.


Ayodele Otaiku attending to Dr. Edmound Dakuru (Special Assistance on Petroluem , 2003-2007) at our exhibition stand.