“Bio-Agriculture” is about looking at the whole agronomic, environmental picture, nutritional & biological components of what constitutes a healthy soil. It combines the best of conventional and organic farming with an emphasis on attaining naturally productive soils that display high levels of  biological activity to maximise the activity of soil microbes through the provision of good soil nutrition and structure, together with adequate supplies of energy, air and water. Bio-Agriculture” is using modern technology and new methods, but only those that do not interfere with natural systems and do not cause harm to ecosystems. Aratibiotech integrated farm management systems approach    incorporating a range of strategies: (A) Agronomic (biostimulants & biofertilisers) – tillage, rotation, nutrition and water management (B) Crop protection (biopesticides)- weed, disease, insects, nematodes, beneficial (C) Post harvest technologies-application of phytoscience to protects agriculture produce.

Aratibiotech Bio-Agriculture  Crops Application:

Cereals (Rice, Millet, Maize , Sorghum ,Sugar Cane & Guinea Corn etcs )

Fat  and Oil Seeds (Shea nut ,  Benni seed ,             Groundnut,  Niger Seed , Neem  & Castor etcs )

Fibre ( Cotton , Kenaf, Roselle & Silk cotton etcs )             
Fruits, Pastures, Grasses and Legumes ( Pineapple,  Mango , Citrus ,  Grape  & etcs)   
Grain Legumes  (Haricot Beans , Soy  bean & Cowpea )
Root and Tubers (Irish Potato , Cassava , Yams, Carrots , Ginger Sweet & Potatoes etcs)
Vegetables Crops (Okra ,Onion ,Tomato,  Peppers and Chillies etcs)
Tree Crops (Kola ,Coffee ,Cocoa, Rubber ,Coco nut, Palm Oil Cashew &  etcs )

What is a Biopesticide?
Biopesticides, a contraction of  ‘biological pesticides’, include several types of pest management intervention: through predatory, parasitic, or chemical relationships. The term has been associated historically with biological control – and by implication – the manipulation of living organisms.